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BPN UK Ltd is a privately owned, independent business established, in October 2006. Over the past several years it has grown organically into national container transport company with vehicles strategically positioned in all UK ports. Our commitment to quality of service, the reliability, co-operation and partnerships has certainly aided growth and assisted us gaining our exceptional reputation.

We provide comprehensive range of competitive transport solutions with professional, reliable service and our 'can do' ethos.

The Fleet

We operate fleet of Renault Premium tractor units plated at 44 tonnes and predominately Euro 5 engines for lower Co2 emissions on the road. Our vehicles are fitted with the latest tracking devices to locate and plan trucks as well as monitoring vehicle performance.

All vehicles are replaced on 3 yearly cycle allowing us take advantage of new enhancements in truck technology, fuel efficiencies as well as driver safety and comfort. Running fleet of modern, well maintained vehicles also creates the right image for our customers as well as reducing the risk of vehicle break downs and downtime.


Our modern fleet of trailers as maintained to highest standards and at manufactured in Ireland by Dennison. We replace our trailers on 5 yearly cycle.

The trailer fleet:

  • 40' fixed pin (capable of carrying 1 x 40', 1 x 45' containers)
  • 30' fixed pin (capable of carrying 1 x 20', 1 x 30' containers)
  • 40' sliding skeletal (capable of carrying 1 x 20', 2 x 20', 1 x 40', 1 x 45' containers)
  • 20' tipping trailer (capable of carrying 1 x 20' container)
  • 30' tipping trailer (capable of carrying 1 x 20', 1 x 30' containers)


We operate a TOPS (Transport Operations and Processing System) IT system ran via our own server. This system was written specifically for container transport industry. It is based upon 20 years of software development and over 40 years of industry experience.

The TOPS system covers all areas of operations allowing us manage our fleet efficiently at all times.

The benefits of IT system are:

  • Resource planning and optimisation
  • Routing
  • Service performance
  • Fleet management
  • Linked to port community
  • Administration and accounts


At BPN UK Ltd strive to reduce our CO2 emissions and take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously.

The ways in which are trying to do this include:

  • Specifying the latest Euro 5 technology on our fleet on 3 yearly or less vehicle replacement policy.
  • Intensive driving training to increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles.
  • Ensuring that fleet is running with the most up to date technology.
  • Careful planning by team to minimise the number of overall journeys made and reduce empty loads.
  • Working towards paperless office with electronic PODs, invoicing etc.
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First class professional haulage service. Made the whole process very stress-free and efficient. A pleasure to do business with.


Mr B Scott